Movie Review: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Take a storyline premise that is decidedly Nolan-esque in the sheer complexity of its multiverse yada yada.

Construct a grand cinematic architecture with stunning mindbending visuals that could only have been dreamt of if Salvador Dali and Tim Burton had spent a weekend together binging on halucigenic drugs.

Deploy the creative genius of Danny Elfman to orchestrate a musical score that aurally elevates the visually stunning fight scene where, perhaps for the first time in cinema history, musical notes are pulled off of music sheets flying in slow-mo and mystically weaponised.

Unleash Benedict Cumberbatch's brilliantly nuanced performances of Dr. Strange across multiverses paired against Elizabeth Olsen's Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde-ish Wanda/Scarlet Witch.

Deliver these sacred ingredients to the wizardry of Director, Sam Raimi, then sit back and watch him conjure a 2 hour plus smorgasbord of stunning and surreal movie magic that is the visually halucigenic and mentally mindbending Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 8.5/10

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Esosa Omo-Usoh

Lawyer, movie reviewer, music lover, one time regular writer of unhappy poems inspired by Rock songs, daydreamer and people watcher… in that order.