Movie Review: Army of the Dead

So, here’s the part of the storyline of Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead that took some brainpower to put together.

A military convoy transporting a special cargo from Area 51 gets into a head-on (pun intended) collision with a couple of Vegas newlyweds getting their nuptial freak on on the highway to hell, literally.

The accident unleashes on Sin City a zombie apocalypse that eventually quarantines it within a wall of stacked containers.

Left with no choice, the Government resolves to tactically nuke Vegas to prevent the zombie apocalypse from spreading.

But before the bomb drops, a greedy casino owner puts together a small band of mercenaries to covertly slip into Vegas to retrieve $200m from the vault of his casino.

Director, writer and director of cinematography, Snyder, makes short order of laying bare the movie’s storyline with an opening montage set to the tunes of Viva Las Vegas in typical Vegas razzmatazz that sucks you into its gilded trickery.

Like a fool who is soon parted with his money caught up in the glitz of Vegas, what proceeds after the opening montage robs the viewer of the thrill of heightened expectations.

Assembling the band of mercenaries seemed rather lazy and was marred further by the cheesy lines and weak attempts at humour. The colourless characters and their undeveloped personalities fit in perfectly with the post-apocalyptic backdrop of Vegas.

Convinced, perhaps, that not much brainpower is required to enjoy a zombie heist movie, Snyder serves up a badly-written movie spiced intermittently with over-the-top action sequences and impressive special effects that leave you rolling your eyes more times than a Vegas gambler throws the dice at a craps table.

Not quite done with its jackpot of disappointing cheesiness, Army of the Dead pulls the curtain on its dreary Vegas show with a badly contrived incongruity: how do you survive a vampire bite that should have turned you within seconds of being bitten and then survive the radiation of a nuclear blast long enough to hire a private jet to fly off into the sunset?

Well, as they, apparently, say in post-zombie apocalyptic Vegas; whatever happens in Vegas finds its way to Mexico. 3.5/10



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Esosa Omo-Usoh

Lawyer, movie reviewer, music lover, one time regular writer of unhappy poems inspired by Rock songs, daydreamer and people watcher… in that order.