Limited Series Review: Blood Sisters

Choose your poison: Dysfunctional family, familial secrets, domestic violence, sibling rivalry, spousal corporate power-grab connivance, drug addiction, multiple murders, organ harvesting, sisterhood/ride-and-die friendship... everything and the kitchen sink at this point, really.

Mix a generous cocktail of old Nollywood legends and new Nollywood Wizkids. Clothe them in the outrageously-styled outlandish costumes favoured by Real Housewives-ish Reality TV.

Intersperse with suggestive nudity, intentional blurry flashes of cleavage, boobs, bums and nipple slips and frenetic sex not too overdone.

Heighten suspense with incidental soundtrack that runs the gamut from tense orchestral score to 70’s blaxploitation movies' groovy jive.

Throw all these in the mix and what you get is an impressively rendered and suspense-filled 4-part limited series story of love, murder and unearthing of secrets thought-buried.

Not unexpectedly, Blood Sisters is not without its fair share of flaws but for the most part, it is so bloody refreshing (pun unintended) and impressive that unlike its secrets that refuse to remain buried, its flaws pale into insignificance standing next to its plusses.

EbonyLife Studios opened 2022 with the egregious cinematic original sin that was Chief Daddy 2. But barely 3 months after, with Blood Sisters (streaming on Netflix, symbolically, shortly after Easter), it literally drew blood to achieve redemption for itself and Nollywood.8/10

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Esosa Omo-Usoh

Lawyer, movie reviewer, music lover, one time regular writer of unhappy poems inspired by Rock songs, daydreamer and people watcher… in that order.