It had to happen eventually. Even if in the franchise’s reality-defying world cars never seem to refuel, in real life; utterly ridiculous movie franchises which fail to call it quits when the ovation is loudest can only run so much on the fumes of past successes before they descend into…

So, here’s the part of the storyline of Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead that took some brainpower to put together.

A military convoy transporting a special cargo from Area 51 gets into a head-on (pun intended) collision with a couple of Vegas newlyweds getting their nuptial freak on on…

The late Nigerian filmmaker, Eddie Ugbomah, once famously claimed that he got Eddie Murphy to apologize when he pointed out to him the denigrating portrayal of Africa/Africans in 1988’s Coming to America.

Judging from how incredibly denigrating the stereotypes in the sequel, Coming 2 America are, suffice it to say…

So, it’s Valentine’s day in the middle of a resurging pandemic, and Netflix and chill offers Namaste Wahala, an Indo-Naija rom-com, as an alternative to going out to the cinema and possibly doing the tango with COVID-19.

A directorial debut by restaurateur turned writer/producer filmmaker, Hamisha Dariyani Ahuja, Namaste Wahala…

Movie Review: Ife

How do you make an LGBTQ movie in a society where a musician reportedly gets investigated by the police for featuring a married woman is his music video?

Or in an industry where LGBTQ themes in movies are typically portrayed as demonic influences resolved by prayer interventions?

Quickie Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984

Since this tedious sequel to 2017’s underwhelming Wonder Woman was essentially about wishes, after the torture of seeing it, here are my wishes:

I wish all we had were the potentials Wonder Woman’s cameo in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice promised and not the disappointments that were eventually delivered.

I wish Wonder Woman was never made.

I wish even more that Wonder Woman 1984 was never made.

If another sequel is being contemplated as Lynda Carter's mid-end credit teaser suggests, then I really wish Marvel Studios some how acquires the rights to the Wonder Woman franchise and makes the next installment.

On the plus side; Gal Gadot still is an extremely sexy woman. 3/10.

The Good

Impressive cinematography. Given the movie’s theme, the cinematography captures people and places in fitting surrealism so that the audience’s attention remains focused on the movie’s theme. There is no distracting glamour. Just gritty, sweaty and hard-hitting unglazed reality.

The golden oldies classic highlife soundtrack takes you on a…

Ten years after publishing his critically acclaimed debut novel, Tomorrow Died Yesterday, Chimeka Garricks chose the medium of short story for his sophomore effort in A Broken People’s Playlist (ABPP).

The Author’s Note explains the birth process of ABPP, a collection of a dozen short stories inspired by and named…

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Lawyer, movie reviewer, music lover, one time regular writer of unhappy poems inspired by Rock songs, daydreamer and people watcher… in that order.

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